Artifakt was born within a Paris based web agency (founders of Agence Dn’D) with the goal of answering recurring problems that arose during deployment and management of web projects. With dozens of web projects delivered each month, it became a priority to equip Dn’D teams with a tool that would help them increase the rate of project delivery and manage environments on a daily basis.

Companies must manage an ever-increasing number of applications and ensure a presence in different regions of the world to increase their business (Hermes, Lancaster, etc.). This leads to an increase in traffic and the number of visitors, who are increasingly demanding in terms of Web application performance.

These are the great ambitions that underpin Artifakt. They endeavour to eliminate the frustrations experienced daily by web development teams and improve the end-user experience:

  • Help autonomise developers regarding the creation and management of environments. Be more agile and deliver new features faster without worrying about Cloud infrastructure and DevOps intricacies.
  • Enable the delivery of better quality code by providing developers with information useful for analyzing the behavior and performance of their Web applications.
  • Offer customers more powerful, stable and secure websites while offering high availability through modern cloud infrastructures.
  • No need for a DevOps team in-house or a traditional IT service provider thanks to the advanced automation capabilities and professional Cloud platforms offered by Artifakt.
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