How do I destroy and delete an environment?

If you don't need an environment anymore, you may want to destroy and delete it. To do so, select the project where the environment you want to destroy and delete is located. Select the environment and click on the ellipsis icon at the end of the row (3 vertical dots). If you have sufficient rights, a menu will appear and you will be able to click on 'Destroy'. Once an environment is destroyed you will be able to select 'Delete' where the option 'Destroy' was. If you do not have sufficient rights and you think it may be a mistake, contact the project owner!


What's the difference between destroying and deleting an environment?

When you destroy an environment, the underlying cloud platform will be deleted while the data on the Artifakt Console will be preserved. This allows you to re-deploy this environment later on without having to re-create it from the ground up.

On the contrary, when you delete an environment, the underlying cloud platform and data on the Artifakt Console will be deleted. It means you will have to re-create the environment from the ground up (deployment tunnel) if you want to re-deploy it at a later time.

When you destroy or delete an environment, the Artifakt Console asks you whether or not you want to create a data backup before destroying the environment. If you choose to do so, a snapshot will be created and you will then be able to deploy a new environment using this snapshot.

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