How do I view past actions or jobs ran on my environment?

To view a history of the actions performed on your environment, navigate to the environment's 'Jobs' tab.


You will find a grid of previous actions ran with the following information:

  • All – All actions ran, including finished jobs and jobs still in progress.
  • Running – Jobs currently in progress.
  • Finished – Only jobs that have finished executing.
  • Type – The name of the job executed.
  • Started by – The user who ran the job.
  • Duration  –The total time for execution.
  • Date – The date and time of when the job was launched.

By selecting on an individual row you see more detail logs on that action.


Additionally we have a list of status's for a job's status. Here is the complete list:

  • Success – The action has been successful.
  • Running – The action is still being executed
  • Skipped - A "Skipped" status can appear when your server is not reachable or under maintenance, so planned tasks will not be executed.
  • Failed – Failed is related to an error (internal, configuration, etc), and you will need to check the logs for further information.





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