How do I manage my GIT repository settings?


Artifakt provides a set of ready-to-deploy runtimes when you setup a new project. Each runtime is actually based on a Git repository. 

You can see the current repository in the project's "Settings" tab, under the "Environments" button.


That means you can change the initial runtime and point your project to any custom Git repository.

Clicking on "Link to a different repository" will trigger a wizard.


Artifakt has integrations with GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket, making it very easy to point and click the source repository.

For any other git forge, the native SSH protocol is supported by pointing to the Git Clone URL.

Since Artifakt need to access the code, we included a public SSH key to include, typically in the `authorized_keys` file. Also, make sure to authorize incoming SSH connections from our IP address. You may need to setup firewall rules for this purpose.





Don't forget to launch a new deployment after any git repository change.


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