How do I add a custom domain?

Generally speaking, a domain name is the URL where visitors can find your application. Each time you create a new environment on Artifakt, we will generate a secured Artifakt domain, which has the form https://[workspaceCode]-[projectCode]-[environmentUniqueID] (for example,

Custom domains allow you to make your application accessible at your own domain name (for example: www.acme.corp). You can add as many custom domains as you need, but it will incur extra charges for each custom domain.

Each Custom domain comes with a valid SSL certificate (see How do I enable HTTPS (SSL)? for more details), and with full HTTP2 support.

Add a custom domain

To add a custom domain, access the "Domains" from the environment settings and click on "Add Domain" under the domains grid.


Then select the "Custom Domain" option, provide your custom domain and decide if this domain will be the primary domain. A primary domain is the main domain leading to your application that will be used for monitoring and performance analysis.


After you add your custom domain, you will need to configure your DNS provider within 48 hours. You must create the proper CNAME record pointing to We recommend that you consult your DNS provider’s documentation for specific instructions on creating CNAME records.

Delete a custom domain

To delete a custom domain, access the "Domains" from the environment settings. Select the custom domain your wish to delete and click on "Delete" from the contextual menu.



Primary domains

A custom domain may be set as a primary domain. This domain will act as the default domain for your application. Throughout Artifakt you will see the primary domain referenced, including in your 'Environment Overview' and your 'Project Environments'. 


If this custom domain was your primary domain, the root domain will automatically become the new primary domain.

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