How do I manage my servers?

Managing servers


To manage your platforms servers, navigate to 'Infrastructure' when you are inside of your environment and locate the 'Servers List' section. This list indicates useful information for each server:

  • Created at – creation date of the server. Note that this date does not represent the server last boot date
  • Zone – location of your server in the region it is deployed
  • Hostname – name of the server. This value is either generated by Amazon Web Services or provided by you during environment creation
  • Type
    • 'Fix Server' – always started for handling web traffic
    • 'Load Server' – starts or stops depending on the traffic and defined load configuration rules
  • Public IP – if needed, you can use an Elastic IP (EIP) address which will be fixed if you restart the server (you are limited by Amazon Web Services to 5 EIP)
  • Status
    • requested – the service to create the server has been called
    • pending – waiting for the server to start
    • running_setup – the server is being provisioned
    • online – the server is ready for use
    • stopping – the server is being stopped
    • stopped – the server has been stopped
  • Loaded – whether or not the server receive traffic or not
  • Main Server – indicates the main server among your servers list. For example, this is where the crontab would be installed

Also, for each server, you are able to trigger management actions:

  • Stop – stops the server but the server EIP address and the hard drive are kept
  • Reboot
  • Connect – ability to connect through an SSH connection
  • Attach / Detach – choose whether you want to let the traffic go to the server or not. When you attach / detach the server, it is added to / removed from the load balancer pool.

Adding new servers

If needed you can manually add new fixed or load servers. To create a new fixed server click 'Add new server'. Note that you will have to start the server manually.

To create a load server click 'Add new load server'. Note that the server will only start the load configuration rules are triggered.



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