How do I view my environments logs?

Logs can be used to analyse the behavior of your environment. For scalable platforms with several servers everything is aggregated together.  Logs are broken down into three categories.

  • Application - For all logs pertaining to a runtime
  • Web Server - Logs generated from a web server
  • Database - Logs that are generated by a database

Looking to configure your application logs?



Where can I access my Logs?

Logs can be accessed from 'Environment -> Logs'. Then select the tab of the Log you wish to view.


What can I do with my Logs?

You can manipulate and dig into your logs further via Filtering tools and toggling Real-Time Logs.


Filter Logs

Logs can be filtered several ways. You can select a date range if you wish, search with a keyword, or by using the dropdown log Level filter.


Enable Real-Time

Real-Time Logs is a toggle for viewing Logs occurring in close to real-time. This can be useful for viewing Web Server Requests or for tracking application performance issues. When enabled, logs will appear without any need for page reloads or additional wait time.


Note, Real Time will toggle off if you navigate to another page in Artifakt. When toggled on, any search parameters like date range or keyword search will be cleared. When toggled off, the results will be available for you to do further inspection on the logs should you wish. 

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