How do I create a custom role?

We recommend reading 'Rules that govern permissions and roles' before reading this article.


To create, edit or view existing roles, you must navigate to the Workspace and browse to the tab labelled 'Roles'. 


Below you can see that Artifakt provides 3 roles by default at the workspace and project level for every workspace. These default roles cannot be edited, indicated by the lock icon next to their respective names. 

Users with the workspace Role 'Owner' or 'Admin' can create additional 'custom' roles. This can be very useful if your organisations has specific requirements that our default roles do not meet.


To add a custom role, simply select the 'Add Role' button and begin typing in a name for the role. Once complete you can begin setting the desired permissions for that specific role. To do this, simply toggle the switches on or off. Please note, that for some permissions like "Can create, edit or update projects", we will auto toggle on the permission like "Can view workspace members" because a user must be able to have view access in order to have edit access.


 The page will auto-save the permissions as you toggle them on or off, so no need to manually 'save' them. To use this newly created role, simply navigate to workspace "Members" or project "Members" (depending on the type of role created) and assign it to a user. For more information, read here about how to assign roles.

These custom roles can be changed at any time if further tweaks to permissions are needed, however the user making these changes must have the correct permission to create, update and edit roles.



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