How do I manage SSH access?

For SSH user management, navigate to the Environment Settings and select 'User Access'. Then, enable / disable 'Allow SSH' for each user you wish to grant or remove access to. For the access to be activated, users will need to register their own SSH public key on their profile settings.


If a timeout error occurs, verify your server status. Your disk may be full or there may be a process running. You can check the 'Jobs' tab for further details. If the system asks for your password, your public key or user name may not be correct, or, the update on your server has not finished yet.

If you can not access a server, please ensure:

  • the server is turned on
  • the server is available (not running any configuration script, not booting or stopping, etc.)
  • the credentials you provide are correct
  • your IP address is authorized to connect via SSH on port 22
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