Key Summary Type
SOWC-47   Trim and remove backspace private key SSH Improvement
SOWC-44 Show database snapshot in tunnel Bug
SOWC-28 Duplicate variables HTTPS (On) Bug 
SOWC-59 Fix API Docs Bug 
SOWC-38 Show default roles Improvement 
SOWC-36 List or dahsboard configuration Improvement   
SOWC-60 Fix not default VPC for database Bug 
SOWC-40 Fix issue with unique subdomain when attached to domain Bug 
SOWC-62 Add new Stack version (v3) New feature
SOWC-61 Choose MYSQL version New feature 
SOWC-30 Show policy while adding AWS cloud account New feature 
SOWC-17 Blocked IP after 5 wrong login attempts Improvement 
SOWC-63 Add Ospworks Tags for billing Improvement 
SOWC-51 Remove title on the page email sent for reset password and add picto   Improvement 
SOWC-8 Add CGU validation Improvement 
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