Release 1.0.9 (30 August 2017)

Key Summary Type
SOWC-146   [PLAN] Error 500 while printing invoice Bug
SOWC-211 [ARTIFACT] Add Custom Json variable New feature
SOWC-220 [URL] Server name is main domain Artifact New feature
SOWC-247 [FRONT] Can't scroll left menu Bug
SOWC-246 [APP] Add Symfony 3 New feature
SOWC-163 [USER] Set username sign with user with string before @ Improvement
SOWC-167 [USER] Invite people from projet (only one email) Improvement
SOWC-56 [USER] Synchronize user with mailchimp New feature
SOWC-81 [PLAN] Check again plan restriction and enable it Improvement
SOWC-78 [PLAN] Swtich stripe on production mode Improvement  
SOWC-248 [TRADUCTIONS] Change traductions fr for restrictions messages   Bug
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