Release 1.1.0 (07 September 2017)

Key Summary Type
SOWC-138         [ARTIFACT] Remove admin section (step 1)  Improvement 
SOWC-175  [GIT] Issue to fetch git repositories on first step stack create page. Bug
SOWC-177  [PLAN] Send email when they updagre/downgrade plan New feature
SOWC-178  [[PLAN] Add billing email in the account and send email each month with billing New feature 
SOWC-190  [PLAN] Change color and design of plan to fit with our website Improvement
SOWC-191  [PLAN] Remove free trial button and code  Improvement
SOWC-192 [PLAN] Don't show choose credit card page if only one credit card available Improvement
SOWC-204  [PROJECT] Delete project due to delete failure Bug
SOWC-215  [PLAN] Add billing email New feature
SOWC-251 [USER] Transform login part to V2 New feature
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