Release 1.1.2 (27 September 2017)

Key Summary Type
SOWC-150   [PROJECT] Remove partner and artifakt cloud account choices   Improvement  
SOWC-273 [CONSOLE] Reformat v2 mfa Improvement
SOWC-267 [DATA] Hide data backup for scalable architectures Improvement
SOWC-276 [SUPPORT] Improve support design Improvement
SOWC-268 [USER] Improve profile page to V2 design Improvement
SOWC-265 [PLAN] No restrictions for students New feature
SOWC-239 [PLAN] Additional cost user New feature
SOWC-193 [PLAN] Improve Plan page to design V2 Improvement
SOWC-256 [ROUTE] Add dualstack ELB route53 Improvement
SOWC-185 [SUPPORT] Auto reply support ticket after Jira task is done Improvement
SOWC-152 [PROJECT] Check activities is complete Improvement
SOWC-240 [PLAN] Yearly plan New feature
SOWC-155 [PROJECT] Fill automatically the code from the name Improvement
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