Release 1.1.3 (24 October 2017)

Key Summary Type
SOWC-52 [SERVER] Show checkbox servers list on every status except stopped Improvement
SOWC-159     [DESIGN] Change user pages design v2 Improvement
SOWC-133 [SERVER] Add Custom Variables send to server (Custom JSON) New feature
SOWC-53 [SERVER] Add link log on setup failed server status (servers list) Improvement  
SOWC-41 [NETWORK] Don't show VPC without internet gateway Bug
SOWC-278 [FEEDBACK] Improve feedback report system Improvement
SOWC-291 [STACK] Debug date picker on stack managing opening and closing hours system Bug
SOWC-313 [USER] Set custom timezone to change site timezone Feedback
SOWC-310 [ACCESS] Sort access by name Feedback
SOWC-308 [SERVER] Change the order of the servers list Feedback
SOWC-279 [CONSOLE] Add Algolia autocomplete address forms New feature
SOWC-182 [ORGANISATION] Add personnal space to prepare the organization system New feature
SOWC-293 [USER] Improve settings page Improvement
SOWC-225 [ACCESS] Add message access login (sftp) Improvement
SOWC-294 [MARKETPLACE] Add an application marketplace Improvement
SOWC-212 [APPLICATION] Add other applications via marketplace (JAVA, RUBY, NODE) New feature
SOWC-161 [DESIGN] Design better transactional emails Improvement
SOWC-223 [DATA] Add duration of the backup  Improvement
SOWC-292 [TECH] Refactoring and cleaning code Improvement
SOWC-297 [DESIGN] Improve emails design for every mailbox Improvement
SOWC-277 [SERVER] Create robots.txt if doesn't exist Improvement
SOWC-245 [ROUTE] Show backoffice url on application page Improvement
SOWC-295 [CONSOLE] Install and configure API Platform for Artifakt Improvement
SOWC-86 [PROJECT] Improve projects and artifacts sidebar Improvement
SOWC-114 [CONSOLE] Move to Symfony 3 New feature
SOWC-290 [DESIGN] Improve buttons, table responsive and success images Improvement
SOWC-200       [DESIGN] Add SCSS files Improvement
SOWC-156 [PROJECT] Improve images system for projects Improvement
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