Release 1.1.4 (2 November 2017)

Key Summary Type
SOWC-151           [PROJECT] Improve Worker page Improvement
SOWC-402 [CONSOLE] Add status link in widget menu New feature
SOWC-384 [SUPPORT] Add new files type for attachment Feedback
SOWC-440 [SEARCH] Improve Algolia Search Improvement 
SOWC-382 [ARTIFACT] Edit layer/stack preferences in OpsWorks with Artifakt Feedback 
SOWC-322 [TRANSLATION] Improve translations system and statuses label Improvement 
SOWC-438 [PROJECT] Add favorite project on left sidebar Improvement 
SOWC-385 [USERS] Add separator in usernames Feedback 
SOWC-482 [GIT] Use branch or tag to deploy git source Feedback 
SOWC-122 [DESIGN] New design V2 New feature 
SOWC-436 [OPTIMIZATION] Rename database tables and refactor classes Improvement 
SOWC-383 [SERVER] Manage active servers in an ELB Feedback 
SOWC-444 [FEEDBACK] Create a comments system for artifakt team Improvement 
SOWC-398 [ARTIFACT] Number front go to -1 Bug
SOWC-437 [API] Add API Profile, Settings, Organizations and Member Improvement 
SOWC-434 [PERFORMANCE] Improve SQL requests and add ACPU cache Improvement 
SOWC-250 [SERVER] Push custom Json to Back-office Layer Improvement 
SOWC-433 [DESIGN] Improve tables with datatable Improvement 
SOWC-331 [CONSOLE] Create a global message for release dates New feature 
SOWC-158 [PROJECT] Improve project page with artifacts grouped by application Improvement 
SOWC-9 [SERVER] Remove PHP and APACHE configurations to the instances (use Custom JSON instead) Improvement 
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