Release 1.1.1 (14 September 2017)

Key Summary Type
SOWC-257     [TEMPLATE] Fix issue with JSON Bug
SOWC-166 [SUPPORT] Add beacon helpscout New feature
SOWC-233 [ARTIFACT] Manage the opening times Improvement
SOWC-221 [ARTIFACT] Plan closed and opened hours of artifact Improvement
SOWC-255 [STACK] Add custom JSON on duplicate page Improvement  
SOWC-238 [LOGIN] Password reinitialisation by-pass with MFA enabled Bug
SOWC-183 [SUPPORT] Find a way to see on Helpscout if it's a user and which plan he has New feature
SOWC-188 [SUPPORT] Push custom attribute to helpscout (to determinate) Improvement
SOWC-253 [TEMPLATE] Subnet for ElasticCache (VPC) Bug
SOWC-187 [SUPPORT] Switch to premium plan helpscout and connect to JIRA Improvement
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