Release 1.1.5 (8 December 2017)

Key Summary Type
SOWC-689    [ENV] (BETA) Create env to manage apps and architectures New feature
SOWC-712 [ARTIFACT] Validate page for artifacts edition Improvement
SOWC-709 [DESIGN] Improve header icons Improvement
SOWC-710 [ACTIVITY] View details on activity page Improvement
SOWC-708 [ARTIFACT] Add v4 template to artifacts New feature
SOWC-707 [ARTIFACT] Add Varnish option to v3&v4 templates New feature
SOWC-690 [DESIGN] Improve global design Improvement
SOWC-686 [CONSOLE] Improve sidebar on website Improvement
SOWC-687 [ROLES] Improve roles and collaborator page Improvement  
SOWC-685 [LIBRARY] Create a library for applications and architectures New feature
SOWC-684 [MARKETPLACE] Create a marketplace to share apps and architectures   New feature
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