Release 1.2.5 (November 5th 2019)

Summary Type
Compute tab 'memory usage' of Monitoring not displaying correct stats  Bug 
Web requests traffic graph should not have displayed website speed  Bug
Updated 'Forgot Password' design  Bug
Add limitations when editing an environment respecting the platform chosen  Bug
Force the user to 'destroy' their environment before they can 'delete' their environment  Chore
Remove horizontal scrolling from Job details screen  Bug
Fix broken CSS on 'edit members' at a project level  Bug
Make register/signin mobile friendly  Bug
General code maintenance and refactoring  Chore
Fixed bug on 'Tell me more about you' Modal that appeared for existing Artifakt users  Bug
Display Elastic Cache/Redis Cache on professional platforms on the Infrastructure Schema  Bug
Bug where Elastic Cache graphic remained unlit even if activate on Enterprise Platforms  Bug
Internal logging refactoring  Chore
Spelling mistakes corrected for French version of Artifakt  Bug
Wording during environment creation tunnel improved  Chore
Error occurring when a user deletes a project under specific circumstances  Bug
Environment variables were not working as expected  Bug
Resolved bug regarding inability to enable HTTPS  Bug
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