How do I manage my custom roles?

We recommend reading 'Rules that govern permissions and roles' before reading this article.


To manage your workspaces roles, you must first navigate to the workspace level and select the 'Roles' tab.


In this menu you will see Artifakt's default roles and also all of your custom roles. Default roles are static and therefore cannot be edited or removed. These default roles come as standard with every workspace that is setup in Artifakt. 

Custom roles can have their name or permissions edited, as long as the user logged in has the required permission to do so (Owner, Admin for default roles). To edit the name of a role, select the pencil icon that appears on hover. These permissions can be toggled on or off in the permissions sub menu located on the right of the menu. Note, these permissions are auto-saved as you toggle so take care where updating roles that are currently in use.


To assign these roles, navigate to the 'Members' tab at the workspace level and see more documentation here.

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