Rules that govern permissions and roles

In order to create a consistent, robust and reliable roles system, Artifakt has hard rules that cannot be changed, however you should be aware of these rules in order to fully understand the behaviour of roles in Artifakt.

General Rules

  • There is only one Owner per workspace.
  • Owners can manage Admins. Admins cannot manage other Admins. Owners and Admins manage members. Members cannot manage anybody.

Workspace Level Rules

  • Workspace creation is not prohibited or governed by any individual permission. Anyone can create a workspace should they wish without any restriction beyond required information needed by Artifakt like Billing & Payment.
  • Owners and Admins automatically see every project within the workspace.

Project Level Rules

  • The person who creates a project is automatically assigned as an Admin. Anyone who is an Admin or Owner at a workspace level is also made Admin of any project created within that workspace. For example, John (a workspace Admin) creates a project, the Admins and Owner of the workspace are automatically assigned as Admins of that project also.



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