How do I enable HTTPS (SSL)?

Artifakt offers free HTTPS on all environments as standard, so you do not need to enable anything.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, which is a client-server communication protocol created for the web. HTTPS, therefore, is the use of HTTP coupled with a security layer (SSL) that not only encrypts all data exchanged between the client and the server in order to increase security, but also confirms the identity of your website.

SSL certificates managed by Artifakt

Each time you create a new environment on Artifakt, we will generate a secured Artifakt domain, which has the form https://[workspaceCode]-[projectCode]-[environmentUniqueID] (for example, Certificates are generated and renewed automatically as needed.

Custom SSL certificates
If you already have an SSL certificate for your domain and you would like to use it instead of Artifakt's certificate, contact our Support Team or you dedicated Customer Success Manager. You can also use your own custom domain (for example, https://www.acme.corp), but it will incur extra charges.

Note that Artifakt does not provide any domain registration service.


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