How do I enable Slack notifications?

You can enable the Slack integration on your preferred project. You will then receive notifications directly into your chosen Slack channel. Note, currently the Artifakt integration only provides notifications on Job statuses. 

Where do I manage my integrations?

Integrations and notification management can be found under the Settings tab at the Project level within 'Notifications'. By enabling the Slack integration using the switch, you will be re-directed to the Slack Authorization page. You must select your preferred Slack Workspace and also the Slack Channel you wish to integrate with.



Once Slack is enabled, the Artifakt console displays the Slack Workspace and Slack Channel the integration has been enabled on, along with when the Slack integration was enabled, and by who. 



What type of notifications will I receive?

Currently Artifakt only issues Job notifications. The Slack message contains links directly to the Job details, the Workspace the project is in, the Project itself and the Environment the job has been run on. 


  • 'Deploy' = Job Type
  • 'Audy' = Personal Space / Workspace
  • 'Sample' = Project Name 
  • 'Dev' = Environment Name

It also displays who ran the job, the runtime of the job and the status of the job.


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