The error message "A Timeout Occured" (see below) means the page load is taking more than 100 seconds.


Artifakt sets a timeout at 100 seconds, this is a security policy for all our customers, for all environments and we can't modify it.

Every page which take more than 100 seconds will go in timeout. To correct this issue, just investigate why this page load takes more than 100 seconds and try to optimize it.

This is the process to identify and analyse your timeout by using an APM (Quanta, New Relic, etc.):

  • you have to note the date, time and URL on which this timeout occurred,
  • then you need to: 
    • check transactions on your APM,
    • filter on a period that contains the date and time of the timeout,
    • select the URL that has undergone a timeout,
    • then, you could identify in details the cause of the slowness and the timeout. 


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