Which functionalities are included with the Artifakt CDN offer and do I have to pay more if I migrate all my domains ?

You don't have to pay more to get all functionalities available for your CDN, they are already included in our prices. We include 20 features than others don't have : 

  1. Automatic friendly Artifakt domain for each environment (xxx.artifakt.dev)
  2. Automatic redirect HTTP to HTTPS
  3. IP and Login/Password restrictions
  4. HTTP3
  5. Custom domains included (number depends of the plan)
  6. Global CDN with 200 endpoints worldwide
  7. Smart CDN cache (TTL)
  8. Healthcheck (each 30 secs) for critical environment with email alert
  9. Monitoring in the console
  10. Geolocalisation (visitors' country name send to your application)
  11. DDOS protection
  12. Web Application Firewall (optimized for Magento and Wordpress)
  13. Free Certificate SSL with TLS 1.3
  14. HSTS enabled (more secure & better SEO)
  15. Image optimization (Webp)
  16. Image resizing (adds-on)
  17. Mobile loading optimization (for 3G)
  18. Smart Load balancing
  19. Fast network with compression & custom-tuned TCP optimizations
  20. Always online mode
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