Artifakt gives you the opportunity to manage how you will handle alerts to help your to monitor your environments. These alerts could be deactivated in settings of your account.


When you create a critical environment or when you have access to one of those, alerts are automatically activated (but not for the invited role). Alerts can be manually activated for non-critical environment.

Whatever the alert type, the way it works is always the same: we defined thresholds for resources consumption to be sure that your environments will be stable with no impacts on performances. When the value of a metric is over the threshold (or reached), an alert is raised by email.

To manage them, go in your profile and settings:


After, click on Settings tab:


Activate or deactivate alertes for each environment and project:


On this screen, you'll have 2 columns for each environment:

  • Monitoring: if you check the box, you'll receive an email if one of the threshold above is reached (example: "Warning! production’s database has high CPU usage")


  • Health Check: if you check the box, you'll receive an email each time your website won't be available (main page), and which will contain information like "Health check status changed"

Here are actual thresholds defined in Artifakt Console (you can't customize them):

Resource Element Threshold
Web server CPU 70%
Memory (RAM) 60%
Disk (storage) Read / Write duration 80ms
Database CPU 70%
Memory (RAM) 40%
Available disk space 20%

Example: if the CPU consumption of the web server in your environment go over 70% of his total capacity, an alert will be sent.


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