What is the configuration of MySQL in the AWS Cloud ?

Here is all information regarding Magento 2.3 recommendations for MySQL configuration:

innodb_buffer_pool_instances 8

On AWS, it's linked to this (so no changes):

"The number of regions that the InnoDB buffer pool is divided into"

innodb_buffer_pool_size 128MB

On AWS, already configured to:


For example, with 4 GB RAM, the value here will be 3 GB.

"The size in bytes of the memory buffer innodb uses to cache data and indexes of its tables"

max_connections 150

On AWS, already configured to:{DBInstanceClassMemory/12582880} 

So with 4 GB of RAM, we'll have (4 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 ) / 4294967296 = 341 connections.

"The number of simultaneous client connections allowed."

innodb_thread_concurrency 0 On AWS, already configured to:
2 * (NumCPUs + NumDisks)

On AWS, from 0 to 1000, dynamic.

"The number of threads that can enter innodb concurrently"
query_cache_type 0-2

This parameter is static.

"For query results either don't cache (=OFF), cache except for NO_CACHE (=ON), or only CACHE (=DEMAND)"

query_cache_size 0-9223372036854774784

This parameter is dynamic.

"The amount of memory allocated for caching query results."

query_cache_limit 0-18446744073709547520

This parameter is dynamic.

"Don't cache results that are larger than this number of bytes."


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