How can I setup my Magento 2.4 on a Starter Platform ?

Build your environment

Once you built your environment, you'll be able to run the CLI directly on the server to setup your website.

CLI install

You must launch a first install of M2.4 to get deploy and next jobs working. Use this command, just change the base-url and base-url-secure elements (you can use all variables instead of copy/paste each information from the console):

bin/magento setup:install \\
--db-host= \\
--admin-firstname=admin \\
--admin-lastname=admin \\ \\
--admin-user=admin \\
--admin-password=$MYSQL_PASSWORD \\
--language=en_US \\
--currency=USD \\
--timezone=America/Chicago \\
--use-rewrites=1 \\
--backend-frontname=admin \\
--search-engine=elasticsearch7 \\
--elasticsearch-host=localhost \\
--elasticsearch-username=artifakt \\
--elasticsearch-port=9200 \\
--base-url= \\


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